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Crochet Basics For Absolute Beginners: FREE Video Series

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Are you interested in learning to crochet, but all the tutorials you find move too fast? Whether you’ve never learned to crochet before, or you’re a beginner who needs a refresher on certain stitches, I have a Youtube series just for you!

Full Video Series

Recently, I took it upon myself to create my own video series that teaches the absolute basics of crochet. We’re talking how to start a project, how to do the basic and most common stitches, and how to finish a project off.

It’s all filmed, edited, and uploaded into a playlist on Youtube! Each video is standalone so you can just watch the ones you need, or you can watch the whole series to learn from the very beginning.

This series is entirely FREE on Youtube, no paywall at all! I am a firm believer in sharing basic knowledge free of charge. You can always come back and watch these videos as often as you need to, as long as Youtube exists.


There are 7 videos on the basics, and then 4 videos on some more complex concepts. Here’s a list of the lessons:


  1. Intro and overview of series – watch now
  2. How to slip knot and chain – watch now
  3. Single crochet – watch now
  4. Half-double crochet – watch now
  5. Double crochet – watch now
  6. Triple/treble crochet – watch now
  7. How to slip stitch and fasten off – watch now


  1. Puff and Bobble stitches – watch now
  2. How cluster stitches work – watch now
  3. Front Loops Only and Back Loops Only – watch now
  4. Front Post and Back Post Double Crochet – watch now
Playlist here.

What to Expect

Beginner’s Pace

Back when I learned to crochet, I would have to piece together multiple video tutorials from different people. I always had to go back and rewatch a part that moved too fast, pause it over and over, or even change the playback speed to be slow motion just so I could grasp what the video was teaching.

That’s why in my video series, I decided to teach how I would’ve liked to have learned! (This is not to say other people’s videos are bad, of course! But I’m providing an option for you when you’re looking for a series to follow.) In each video, I demonstrate the stitch very slowly, multiple times, and narrate exactly what I’m doing in each step. Then I show how it looks when I do the stitch at my normal speed. This is so you hopefully won’t have to do too much pausing, rewinding, and slow motion lol.

Open Ended

Keep in mind that this series does not teach how to make a specific project. I intentionally kept it open ended so that you can learn the stitches without being confined to only knowing how to do it in one type of pattern. So you won’t be learning how to make a certain scarf, hat, etc. Instead, I teach how to do the stitches in a row, and how to start a new row for each kind of stitch. That way, when you follow a pattern, you have the stitch itself memorized.


In my series, I’m using basic worsted weight or Medium/Size 4 yarn (mine is Caron Simply Soft), and a US I-9/5.5mm crochet hook. These are pretty standard, average tools most people use in crochet. But obviously, use whatever yarn and hook a pattern tells you to use! Or, you can always experiment with different sizes yourself!

What About Other Stitches?

Since this particular series is for the absolute basics, I haven’t included more unique stitches. Usually, these basic stitches are used to create those more complex ones! If you have these basic ones in your skill set, you will have an easier time with the more unique ones.

I will be making video tutorials on how to do more unique stitches, but I won’t move as slowly and repeatedly as these basics videos.

Save The Playlist

That’s why it’s important to save this entire playlist so you can always go back for reference!

Alternatives To Video Tutorials

Do you learn better by reading or looking at a still image? Don’t worry, I have those for you too!

You can find a complete glossary of basic crochet stitches every beginner should know, right here on my blog. Each of the stitches listed in the glossary contains step-by-step images with instructions on how to do them.

Basic Crochet Stitch Glossary by The Cozy Tree
See the glossary here.

For quick reference, you can bookmark that blog page, print it out, or save the images on Pinterest!

Time To Get Started!

So there you go! These are two great ways to get started with crochet. Whether you’re just now learning for the first time or you need to brush up on your skills, these video tutorials and step-by-step images will be right there with you, ready for reference.

Let me know if you follow these tutorials, and which one was your favorite!

God bless,

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